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  • Aneta Hudson

Can Turnover Actually Be A Good Thing?

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Imagine a workplace where employees remain in one position for two decades — No movement, up or sideways, staying put, simply mastering their craft and happy to do so.

Bit of a utopia right?

Can Turnover Be a Good Thing?

We all know the human brain craves stimulation. Without it, stagnation kicks in and lack of motivation follows

suit. We all can easily recognise a person who has been in one position for way too long. Just like an overcooked steak loses its tenderness, professionals need ongoing growth and stimulation to thrive.

We all grow and develop throughout the years. Checking in with yourself to ensure the right fit between you and your job is one of the best things to keep track of where we are as professionals. Turnover through a natural succession, development opportunities and person-job-fit are all signs of a company's healthy structure and culture. The word ‘turnover’ may have a bad rep in the HR world, but a healthy promenade of it is actually necessary for a company's growth.

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