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  • Aneta Hudson

The ‘bums on seats’ problem

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

the bums on seats problem

The idea of filling vacancies just for the sake of having someone in the role often brings more headache than desirable results. When the panel is instructed to put ‘bums on seats’ during the recruitment process, quality control usually goes out the window. Way too often I’ve seen scenarios where external managers had to be called in to deal with spill over of underperformance due to the ‘bums on seats’ mentality.

When a company faces problems with enormous vacancies or ongoing turnover, it is time to look at the root of the issue and not put the ‘band aid’ on it, which often barely lasts in the short run. The in depth revision of the ‘person-position fit’ is always helpful in these circumstances.

When someone talks about simply putting ‘bums on seats’, my response always is: Quality over quantity, it’s best to take the time and make the right choice. A quality person would be twice as productive than a person who's there for all the wrong reasons.

Recruitment isn’t a thing to be rushed. Doing so will lose you dollars later. Can you really afford to do that?


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