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  • Aneta Hudson

The 3 Most Ineffective Recruitment Styles To Avoid At All Cost!

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

The more personalities we have in the workplace, the more styles of performing are present.

3 most ineffective recruitment styles to avoid at all costs!

When looking at recruitment panels in specific, these styles become evident. It’s often underestimated how much influence the lead of the panel has on the recruitment process in terms of style as well as performance. Here are the 3 most ineffective recruitment style to avoid at all costs...

The “Interrogation Style”

is often used by inexperienced panelists. Becoming a panel member lead for the first time is stressful and by being new, one may want to prove their position by ‘interrogating’ and using the ‘power-over’ mentality. Being a skillful panelist means that you are aware of the way you influence the conversation when coming from a position of power, being the one making the choice. These panelists sometimes forget that and go a little too far in their ‘interrogation.’

The “Tell Me More” Style.

I think we all know the type of people who are never satisfied with the amount of information given. These panelists often write double, triple (I even saw quadruple!) barreled questions that often drain the life out of the candidate.

The “I Don’t Really Care” style.

This is often seen when the panel is directed to “put the bums on the seats.” So as long as the candidate meets the minimum requirements “it will do” attitude kicks in and the quality simply goes out the window. The panel is clearly not interested in the candidate and this often turns the quality candidates away from taking up the offer in the end.

Ineffective recruitment panels can cost the company much more than money. It can cost talent who may have the power to cost the company’s reputation by mentioning the ineffective recruitment process.

The recruitment panel represents the company’s culture and attitude.

Best to get this part right!


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