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  • Aneta Hudson

Advertising for Recruitment: Salary Range Vs. Salary

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Looking at the recent trends in advertised Position Descriptions, it becomes quite obvious that companies are starting to learn the sheer power of salary range.

Important of advertising the right salary

By introducing a salary range instead of a strict salary point as part of your recruitment advertisement, you can attract a much larger pool of quality candidates. Salary Range Salary range shows candidates that the company not only has career progression but is willing to invest in less experienced candidates at the lower level scale if they’re the right fit. Implementing a salary range also allows the panel to assess a candidate’s negotiation skills, especially for more experienced candidates who could potentially be at the top of that range. Strict Salary

Of Course the single salary mark can be quite powerful, especially with the high end jobs, however it has to be carefully applied as it can deter the candidates who don’t want to be “boxed” into limited job prospects.

Including the salary range instead of the point blank salary mark has a lot of advantages and I’m glad to see this positive change on the job market.


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