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  • Aneta Hudson

Managing Underperformance

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Managing underperformance with the right recruitment process.

Just because an employee is under the performance review doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad workers, they might just not be the right fit to the changed environment.

An optimised recruitment process could be used in these instances. By outlining and focusing on the ways the skills of an underperforming employee could be utilised in different teams/ roles allows the parties to focus on the positives rather than the negative in this circumstance.

Explaining the recruitment process and taking a deep dive in the PD of each role allows employers to re-match the employee during performance reviews and helps them to move on eliminating the misunderstanding and understand the misalignment.

Truly understanding of the recruitment process can assist many leaders, who often find themselves in these tricky situations. Ofcourse, there will be times where the ‘better fit’ inside the company is not possible, however, helping someone to recognise it’s time to move on could be the great compromise in managing underperformance based on positive aspects of the employee.

Doing this not only helps both the employee and employer move on in a dignified way, but could additionally keep the relationship with each other.


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