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  • Aneta Hudson

Judging - Human Skill or Curse?

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

judging human skill, or curse

My friend, in their early 40s, recently retired from a "normal" job. He now plays drums in bars across Melbourne and is having the best time. However, he has noticed that since leaving his job, people dismiss him for playing the drums… Well that's until they find out who he is.

He has already made his fortune and doesn't need to work anymore. He plays his drums for fun and now chooses not to waste any time on people attracted to 'shiny' objects…

Now think how many times passing judgement just like this about a person you don’t know has personally crossed your mind. In your personal life, the worst that could happen: you may miss out on a great personal connection. But once you’re on the recruitment panel you may just dismiss the best package of talent, skill, innovation and attitude that came across your company.

The most efficient way to combat this is to be aware of it and to write quality questions for your interviews.

Don’t judge people based on their job titles or looks. You will never know the whole story until you ask the right questions.


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