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  • Aneta Hudson

Job Descriptions: 'Like Attracts Like'

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Yet another small business owner told me “I can’t employ anyone because they will never do the work the way that I do, they’ll just do it for money.” I will dare to say that this type of mindset is what keeps their businesses from growing. There are so many passionate people who want to contribute to the development of specifically small companies and grow together with them, in fact I have personally connected such candidates with small business owners across the globe in my previous profession.

What I’ve noticed is that honest, no jargon job description attracts exactly the candidate you want. If your company has an outdated, failing system and you want the person to not only bring the company’s administration to the 21st century but develop a whole new failing system and operations, then say just that. Or if you need a person who would follow directions, then don’t advertise that you want a person with a high level of initiative and creativity.

Fabricated job descriptions and false advertisement for a job only leads to ongoing disappointment once the candidate finds out the reality on their first day.

We all hate to read the washed out CVs of candidates where it’s clear most of it is simple copy&paste from the internet. I must say it’s exactly the same when candidates read wash out, vague, copy&paste job descriptions. Like attracts like! It’s time to put more effort in writing real deal job descriptions attracting an applicant who would actually be right for the role.

like attracts like job descriptions


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