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  • Aneta Hudson

Do you want to see school grades when shortlisting CVs?

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Attending thousands of panels in 4 different countries, I can say that universally school/university grades alone rarely lands the candidate the job.

grades shortlisting cvs

What the panel wants to see is whether the candidate can put the learnt knowledge in practice, in the real world.

If the candidate has no formal work experience, the tendency is to highlight the subjects and achievements in the classroom. However, the CVs that get most attention are those that highlight real world achievements (attending summer camps as a leader, coaching children’s sport team, tutoring etc), showing great attitude and will to do more shows employability better than having distinction on the degree.

Skilled panels will tease these pearls of information from the candidates, however many of those do not pass the shortlisting stage and rarely reach the in-person interview.

Are you sure you’re focussing your attention in the right places and passing the right candidates through?


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