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  • Aneta Hudson

A 'Thinking Space'

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

thinking space

‘Thinking spaces’ and why they’re so essential.

I’ve attended thousands of recruitment panels and my most recent one was frankly exhausting. We had six back to back interviews with little to no time to organise notes and thoughts in between, sounds familiar?

Creating something that I like to call ‘thinking space’ could solve many problems. What this means is that the allocated times between interviews would extend to at least 30 minutes giving panel members time to not only gather notes but to also appropriately compare the candidates, finding the right fit.

A consistent back to back schedule often creates the feeling of ‘rushing’ leading to hasty decision making. This break allows panel members to discuss each candidate carefully, giving each member the ability to add to their notes as well as their possible thoughts towards the best potential fit.

Providing a ‘thinking space’ creates an environment where panel members can work more efficiently with less stress, pressure and information overload. The right environment is essential to any workplace and you could say is just as important as making the choice of the candidate itself.

Making the right decision can save not only money but time in the future - leave yourself time to think. Take care of your team as well as yourself!


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