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  • Aneta Hudson

A Conscious Business Requires a Conscious Recruitment Strategy

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Business Strategy

Way too often I’m faced with new middle managers, who were thrown into the complexity of the recruitment world without any prior knowledge or training. Let’s face it, the Execs simply don’t have the time to spend on on-the-job training and the new middle managers rarely invest the extra time out-of-work to educate themselves. However, the expectation remains the same find, hire and keep the best talent out there.

I’m hearing: “we’re desperate!”, “we need someone yesterday”, “the turnover is killing us”, “can’t they just work things out for themselves?”, “the young don’t want to do the work anymore”. And what I really see is the gap between the knowledge and procedural implementation.

This happens in all types of organisations and unless addressed, it has a potential to eat into a company’s reputation on the market. Don’t get me wrong, the managers eventually will learn on-the-job through their own mistakes, but by the time they do, they are often promoted and the cycle repeats itself. Can you really afford to continue this way?

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